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      2. Lu'An Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd.



        Matting agent for Polyester/TGIC powder coatings

        Jietonda® SA2061B is an economic matting agent characterized by suitable PES/TGIC powder coatings, obtained by dry blending way to provide gloss ranges from about 10-40%(60°) gloss.

        1. Typical properties

        free flow, pale yellow powder
        Soft point (℃)
        [Ring & Ball method]
        Volatiles (%)
        [GB 1725]

        Herein described to be typical properties and do not constitute specification limits.

        2. Characteristics
          ● Apply to exterior durable PES/TGIC powder coating obtained by dry blending way to provide acceptable flow and ranges of from about 10-40%(60°) of low gloss depending on the used polyesters. In general, selecting slow-curing polyesters are favorable.
          ● The coating surface performance is depending on base coating powder as well as process control, such as appropriate powder particle size distribution. In most cases, as same as most of dual components of dry blending powders, film surface exhibits micro-roughness and bright spot.
          ● Satisfy to formulate low use level and low cost powder coating of requirement.
          ● Good mechanical properties and color/gloss stability.

        3. Use method & levels
          ● Firstly, prepare an appropriate base coating powder followed by incorporating SA2061B into the said powder, then dry blending using a proper mixer.
          ● The use level is 1-1.5% by total weight of formula.

        4. Package & Storage
          ● Packaging with PE lined Kraft paper bags. Net weight 25kg per bag.
          ● Store in temperature between 2-32℃ or cool dry place to avoid caking. Keep package closed after using. Keep away from heat and fire.
          ● Based on our experience the shelf life of this product under above conditions is at least 2 years.

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